HIP 93873

Position: (-22.15,2.94,-16.5)

HIP 93873 A
Spectral Class: M3
Mass: 0.379 sol
Radius: 0.46 sol
Luminosity: 0.0335 sol

HIP 93873 B
Spectral Class: M4
Mass: 0.192 sol
Radius: 0.267 sol
Luminosity: 0.0031 sol

27.77011495 ly from Sol

The HIP 93873 system (“Osprey”) is a binary star system consisting of two nearly identical M1 red dwarfs. One of these stars, Gliese 745 A, has a gas giant (Gliese 745 A XI) whose 13th moon has been chosen as a weigh station for stutterwarp tugs servicing the Beta Aquilae cluster. The moon is 3,598 kilometers in diameter and extremely cold. However, it is covered in ice, so water is abundant, and its surface gravity is 0.73 times that of Earth.

HIP 93873

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