Project Fardancer is a Trilon Corporation-financed, American Extrasolar Colonization Administration (AECA)-administered effort to fully survey the Beta Aquilae Cluster of stars that have recently been made accessible to the American Arm of exploration, thanks to development of the stutterwarp tug.

Although initially surveyed by the Trilon Survey Vessel (TSV) Jean Ribault, she failed to report back as scheduled after departing for her second survey run. Given that the BA Cluster seems, from initial scans, to be quite promising in terms of colonization, Trilon has committed substantial funding to further exploration, despite this setback. TSV-14 Alan Shepard, a larger survey vessel, is being dispatched to the BA Cluster for an extended survey. Given the uncertainty involved in the wake of the disappearance of the Ribault, Trilon has convinced AECA (after a sizable contribution) to send a military escort to hold station there. With resources stretched due to the advent of the Kafer War, the American Space Force could spare only one of her older escort vessels; still, the USS Oriskany has been retrofitted with newer weapons, and will carry an entire company of US Marines to provide ground security.

Many answered Trilon’s advertisement for Project Fardancer, but few were ultimately selected for the mission. Those who did now stand upon another American frontier. What wonders and travails await them?

Project Fardancer advertisement by Stephanie McAlea

Project Fardancer

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