Trilon Corporation

Trilon_Logo_1.pngHeadquarters: Portland, Oregon, United States, Earth, Core.

Mission Statement: Providing the best quality products and services, at a reasonable price, with an appropriate rate of return.

Products/Services: Consumer products, computers, starships.

Language: English.

Culture: Guarded, somewhat conservative, security-conscious.

Staff Levels: 720,000, mostly on Earth and Kie Yuma.

Scope of Operations: Core, American Arm, French Arm.

Founded in 2167 in the wake of the settlement of Alpha Centauri, Trilon has grown from a starship maintenance company to the largest private starship construction firm in Human space.

Trilon is now one of the largest corporations in Human space, with extensive Earthside and colonial holdings. In addition to its starship business, Trilon also has a large consumer product
division and Trilon products can be found in virtually every home.

In the mid 2200’s they began settling the French Arm world of Kie-Yuma, using their resources to terraform the planet into habitability. Forty years along, the project is expected to produce
a breathable atmosphere within 20 years.


Trilon Corporation

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