USS Oriskany

The USS Oriskany (pronounced uh-RISK-uh-nee) is an American Space Force Close Escort Spacevessel (CES) of the Bunker Hill class. She is a member of the 4th Light Division (“Ghostriders”), which is responsible for patrolling the American Arm from King to Ellis. She has been assigned to the American Extrasolar Colonization Administration as an armed escort for survey ships as part of Project Fardancer.

The Bunker Hill-class was the last large magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbine war vessel built by the US. They have been a very successful vessel design and 21 were in built over a 40-year period, and many have since gone on to serve other nations. They are very large by contemporary standards; they are larger and heavier than the new Columbia-class battle cruisers. All the Bunker Hills were decommissioned by 2290 and eight were maintained by the Space Force Reserves. At the start of the Kafer war these eight were refitted with more modern weapons and sensors and have been re-commissioned into the ASF. Since then, they have performed many missions that the regular ASF used to perform.

The vessel is commanded by Colonel Isabella Von Brandt; her Executive Officer is Lieutenant Colonel Miguel Fuentes. Ship’s troops for the present assignment are Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, commanded by Captain Lindsay D. O’Neill. Her rotational replacement is the USS Vicksburg.


Oriskany is armed with 11 Hyde Dynamics EA-1000 lasers in jack turrets with target tracking arrays (TTAs), and 2 missile packs, each containing 3 SIM-14 missiles (6 in all). Externally, she mounts an HD-9 Scout Junior Sensor Drone and a CIT-III Interface Transport.

Bunker Hill Class CES (Close Escort, Spacevessel)

Crew: 160 — Bridge: 16, Tactical Action Center: 15, Engineering: 9, Damage Control: 15, Shipboard Vessels: 3, Ship’s Troops: 96, Medical: 6.

Performance Characteristics

Warp Efficiency: 1.34 combat / 2.03 combat screens inactive / 2.31 travel Power Plant: 75 MW Old Military MHD turbine Fuel: 11250 tons Range: 7.7 Mass: 25410 tons Cargo Capacity: 4842 m3 Comfort: 0 Life Support: 180 days Ordnance Carried: 6 SIM-14 missiles Price: 110.36 MLv without small craft or drones

Bunker Hill class by Robert Montgomery

USS Oriskany

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