HIP 98698

HIP 98698 (Gliese 775) is classified K4V, with a radius approximately 0.73 of Sol. Its mass is 0.785 times that of Sol, with luminosity of 0.24 Sol and a magnitude of 6.84.

One planet is in the star’s habitable zone at 0.5 AU. It is a rocky core world roughly 5,000 km in diameter. The average density of the planet is almost exactly the same as Earth: 0.98 Earth densities. The mass of the planet is 0.061 Earth masses, making its surface gravity 0.394, or just slightly higher than the gravity on Mars.

The minimum molecular weight retained is 47, giving the planet a thin atmosphere. The atmospheric pressure is 0.382 Earth pressures. The planet is classified as a Desert world. The surface of the planet is covered by less than 1% ice sheets. The oxygen pressure is rated at 0.004, requiring protective devices for human habitation. The temperature runs from cold to hot, from –30° to 60° C (–22° to 140° F).

The planet has 3 natural satellites.

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HIP 98698

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