Crew of the Alan Shepard

Currently 28, although there is room for 2 more.

Position Assignment Backup
Captain Elaine Lee (American) XO Gregory Pham (American)
Pilot Yash Kapoor (American) Brandon Carshine (American – Ted)
Navigator Heinrich Himmelfarben (German – Rick) TBD
Communications Officer XO Gregory Pham (American) Mike Morales (American – Patrick)
Computer Officer Jun Seong-Hyeon (Korean NPC) TBD
Chief Engineer (and Second Officer) Finn Anderson (Australian -Val) TBD
Sensors Officer Gunther (??? – Paul) TBD
Engineer Daniel McFarlane (American NPC) Heinrich Himmelfarben (German – Rick)
Engineer ??? (TBD – Jeff) Thom Harwood (Australian – Ted)
Engineer Diane McElwain (American) Gunther
Medical Officer

Aline Cardoso (Brazilian NPC)

Space Plane Pilot Xia Huo (Manchurian – Paul)  
Space Plane Pilot

Phuc Jade Fournier (American NPC)

Specialist – Computers/Robotics Lutana Timbery (Australian NPC)  
Specialist – Geology/Mining Thom Harwood (Australian – Ted)  
Specialist – Communications/Electronics Mike Morales (American – Patrick)  
Specialist - Biology/Medical Heidi Swanburg (German – Ted) Xia Huo (Manchurian – Paul)
Specialist – Physical Sciences TBD "Preacher" (??? – Paul)  
Specialist – Miscellaneous  Jebediah "Cooter" McCoy ( Rick)  
Specialist – Miscellaneous TBD (??? – Patrick)  
Specialist – Miscellaneous TBD NPC  
Specialist – Engineering/Mechanics TBD NPC  
Specialist – Anthropology/Psychology Celia Zhang (American – Val)  
Specialist – Theoretical Sciences Sidney "Hulk" Greystoke (American - Rick)  
Specialist – Security Dean McCormick (American – Jeff)  
Specialist – Security Sabine Lopes (French – Val)  
Specialist – Security Jelena Berzina (Latvian NPC)  
Specialist – Security Brandon Carshine (American – Ted)  


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